Your gums protect your teeth and prevent harmful oral bacteria and health issues. If they are infected, it could affect your overall health and lead to severe problems like tooth loss. Although visiting your dentist can help avoid such problems, there are more ways to protect your gums at home. Here are 5 foods and drinks you should avoid to protect your gums!

1. White Bread

The starches in white bread easily break down into sugar, which isn’t good for your teeth. The sugar is converted into a paste-like substance that easily sticks between your teeth. This enables a feeding frenzy for a bacterium that will transform sugar into tartar that can turn into disease-causing plaque if not addressed.

Ensure you maintain a balanced diet to avoid consuming excess starch. However, if you love bread, ensure you brush or floss your teeth after eating. This will enable you to continue enjoying your favorite meal while protecting your gum.

2. Citrus Fruits

While these foods are known for their health benefits, citrus fruits’ acidity can be rough on your tooth enamel. Even squeezing lemon or orange into your water can impact your mouth. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat citrus fruits. Instead, follow up on these acidic fruits by rinsing your mouth to reduce the acidity.

3. Sports Drinks

Many believe that sports drinks are beneficial during workouts and a healthier substitute for soda. But, in reality, sports drinks aren’t a good alternative for oral health. As mentioned above, acids and sugars aren’t good for your teeth, yet many of these drinks are high in both. Ensure you minimize your sports drinks consumption. In addition, ensure to follow up these drinks with brushing or rinsing your teeth.

4. Soda

Many researchers have explored the harmful impacts of soda consumption on human oral health. Since soda contains high levels of acid and sugar, it falls in a similar category as sports drinks- not good for your teeth. Besides, soda contains caffeine that can lead to a dry mouth, meaning your mouth won’t have enough saliva to clean away bacteria. If you are a soda lover, try replacing at least one of your bottles with a bottle of water.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can affect your oral and overall health. Drinking alcohol is one of the leading causes of oral cancer and significantly impacts periodontal disease. Drinking this substance can lead to dry mouth, meaning your mouth will have less defense against bacteria.

But this doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking alcohol completely. Instead, it would be best to be mindful of the quantity you take and how often. Besides, be keen on the type of alcohol you drink. For instance, if you are a cocktail lover, be aware that most of them are mixed with sodas and sugary juices, which threatens your gum.

People often consider their physical health when deciding what to consume. But, be aware that the first destination of any food substance is your mouth, and most foods you eat are likely to affect your oral health. But you don’t need to cut any foods completely. Instead, maintain a balanced diet and be mindful of what you eat or drink.

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