Communication between you and your dentist is particularly important for you when working with your dentist, but there are three vital questions you should always be asking whenever you go to a new dentist, whether it is because of a lack of being in synch with your old dentist, or because you have relocated to a new town and thereby need to start all over again with regards to your dental care.

These three vital questions are brought to you in conjunction with many different dentists, so they represent the combined wisdom of the dental community.

 Question 1: How Can We Work Together to Improve My Dental Health?

The reason you want to ask question number 1 is that you want to establish communication right from the start with your new dentist as to how the two of you can work together to achieve your dental goals.

Quite obviously, your dentist will not be at your beck and call 24/7 to advise you about the best procedures to keep your mouth healthy, but they can go a long way to bringing you to dental health just by a mere consultation.

Describe to your dentist how often you brush, how often you floss, and when was the last time you chose a new toothbrush. Even go so far as to tell him or her what brand of toothpaste you use.

Believe it or not, many people are long overdue for a thorough education as to how you can best keep your teeth and gums healthy, and such an education can go a long way towards your having a healthy mouth.

They can even set up a custom plan for you to see your dentist so that you keep on track.

 Question 2: How Is My Current Dental Health?

An honest assessment from your dentist about your current dental health should be an essential part of your first visit.

Many patients are afraid to ask this question because they fear what their dentist will say, but unless you ask, you really don’t know where you are starting on the road toward ideal dental health.

You want to know what your dentist thinks of both your teeth and of your gums.

Are there signs that you grind your teeth? Is the bone density of your teeth less than ideal? Are you on the road to gingivitis? Do you have any cavities?

These are all questions you should be discussing with your dentist in order to be sure you are on the right road to good dental health.

 Question 3: How Can I Optimize My Dental Health Through Diet and Hygiene?

You will of course gain a lot of information about your dental health through questions 1 and 2, but it is important to ask question number three because you want to have a thorough and comprehensive plan.

Besides advice such as brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and flossing at least once a day, your diet can have a significant effect on your dental hygiene.

Quite obviously if your diet is full of sugar, the acids in that sugar can develop into cavities. So your dentist will often recommend that you limit snacking to wholesome snacks such as vegetables or a slice of cheese.

In addition, by eating your vegetables, utilizing whole grains, and having an overall healthy diet your teeth and gums are more capable of resisting dental diseases.

 The bottom line

Working with a dentist should be a collaborative procedure. Many overall diseases in the body such as heart disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes are due in part to poor dental health so it’s vitally important that you work with your dentist as part of your overall health.

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